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VAT Refund

Pay your fuel invoice without VAT. We will take care of the rest.

Those companies which travel to or trough Austria with their vehicles take the opportunity to refuel in Austria with cheaper prices than the neighbouring countries.

The refund of the paid VAT for companies cause a lot of trouble and waiting times up to one year.

Upon request we will take care of the VAT refund application at the competent tax office of Graz and even offer the possibility to pay your fuel bills net.

Furthermore, you can also send your other documents which are subject to Austrian VAT to be submitted. dts also provides services for VAT refund in many other European countries.

Truck toll

dts provides the invoicing for truck toll in several European countries. The change from a third-party to dts does not lead to temporal interruption in the collection and accounting of the toll fee. It just flows smoothly into each other.

Fuel and toll invoicing from one provider!

  • The entire Austrian toll fee www.go-maut.at may be invoiced by us.
  • In case of existing contracts with invoicing partners we are happy to take over the changing process.
  • We are happy to receive your new registrations directly from you.
  • Since July 1, 2007 also German toll www.toll-collect.de can be invoiced through us.
New Registration


Detailed information about the services of dts you can find at the competent partner sites